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Rotary is on the verge of eradicating polio from the face of the earth. Rotary started the campaign to eradicate polio in 1986, 32 years after Dr. Jonas Salk invented the vaccination. Other organizations said it could not be done, but Rotary pressed on and the incidences of polio have declined every singe year in the world since and partners in our efforts added.

Today, the planet is 99% free of polio and Rotary as the poster proclaims above, well, "We are just this close!"

Our partners in these efforts include the World Health Organization, unicef, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

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What am I committing too?

You are committing to strengthen your community, your nation, and the world you live in by attending a Rotary meeting. Our club will meet on Thursday night from 8 pm to 9pm. If you can attend electronically, we encourage you to do so and participate.

But some of our members will not be able to attend our electronic meetings due to their schedules. For those members we simply ask that sometime during the week you sign on to the site and listen to the meeting. We will also have a blog so as members we can communicate and share one with another as we plan, prepare, and executing our projects to make a difference in the world. We realize as young professional you have hectic schedules, so we ask that members attend as often as possible.


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